Billing, recurring charges and monthly usage

Your monthly quota starts the day you install the app.

Recurring app charges are billed with the next Shopify 30-day invoice. In the example below, the bill on May 5 includes the app subscription that overlaps from April 20-May 20. The bill on June 4th similarly includes the app subscription from May 20-June 19 (since May has 31 days).

If you stop paying your bills or close your store, then Shopify freezes your account and your recurring app charges. If you start your payments again or re-open your store within 30 days, Shopify unfreezes your account, and your recurring app charges resume.

If you pause your store using the Pause plan, you don't need to uninstall your apps. Your recurring app charges are frozen while your store is on the Pause plan, but the charges resume automatically when you reopen your store, or if your store is upgraded to the Pause and Build plan.

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